Friday Parent’s Night Out

All Parent’s Night Out:
West Hills Christian School 6-8:45 PM

Primary activities are listed below,
Minecraft will also be available each evening


Minecraft Night

Grades: K-6th
Minecraft is not just a game but a creative world where art is recreated in a virtual world.  Students will work on building their own epic structures, as a team or individually. Epic buildings are not simply making a building larger but learning how to create amazing details as well.  Student will build together to make amazing creations!


T-shirt Making:

Grades: 1- 6
Kids can pick a logo off the internet and trace it or design their own image from scratch using CAD software.  Assistants will help them get their design transferred to a vinyl cutter and then they can take it home as their own custom sticker or press it into a unique shirt.  Minecraft building will also be available.


Pancake Printer:

Grades: K- 6
Kids use computer software to design animals, faces, cars, or whatever they imagine.  Then they transfer the designs to a computer controlled pancake printer.  This results in their own edible creations.  Lots of yummy fun!  (Minecraft building will also be available.)


Quadcopter & Flight:

Grades: 1- 6
Welcome to flight school.  Learn basic safety instruction before getting a chance to fly a real quadcopter in the gym.  Also, get to fly quadcopters on a simulator to  hone your student’s flight skills.  (Minecraft building will also be available.)