In the Maker Space we have 2D and 3D design classes.  We walk through the basics of the software and walk them through a few demonstration projects.  Then we show students how to get more resources and show them how to complete the projects they have in their own mind.


Learn Computer aided design basics and then create your own custom stickers and use heat press your desired vinyl onto a shirt.  Additionally, learn how to use a laser cutter to cut, etch, and engrave designs in a variety of materials. Work with wood, paper, cardboard and more! Using graphics software to cut intricate designs and engrave highly detailed images at the touch of a button. The sky’s the limit with this fun and versatile tool..


3D printing is an additive manufacturing process whereby objects are built up from plastic filament, liquid resin, layers of powder, and even biocompatible or edible materials. Desktop 3D printing is today’s printing press, putting rapid prototyping, customizable products, and individualized medical appliances in reach of the general public. Literacy in basic 3D modeling and manufacturing is an essential skill for future STEM success in this country. In this course students will learn how to be “makers” by using various 3D modeling software, then printing actual physical objects that they have designed and modeled themselves.