LEGO brings abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that really engages students. And by making the subjects tangible, they foster collaboration and encourage self-guided learning by creating enthusiasm and giving students the tools they need to overcome challenges. Today’s  students are tomorrow’s creative problem-solvers. Our  LEGO® camps help make abstract STEM concepts real by taking the ideas of the textbooks and putting it into the hands of  students.

  • Abstract concepts are made concrete by using tangible elements.
  • Students are encourage to work in teams building collaboration and communication skills to solve problems.
  • Hands-on materials encourage students become an active part of the learning process.
  • Build 21st-century skills with engaging learning materials.

Percentage of construction toy market that Lego controls


Additional wages that STEM workers earn each year


Fraction of student having fun with Legos


Estimated annual employment growth in robotics engineering


Select from one of our great class options below.

LEGO MACHINES Mass Transportation Vehicles

GRADE: 1-5

This class is for beginning through advanced Lego builders. Students will help to design and construct a mass transportation system for a new city, designing and building cars to run on mono rails and cables systems for the citizens of their town. Students learn about friction, gearing, independent steering and other science and mechanical principles.

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Lego Boats & Bots

GRADE: 1-5

Ahoy Mate, all aboard learning boating terms like stern, aft port, & starboard. Students will learn about Archimedes’ principle to determine how much a boat can hold. Students will design and build their own Lego boat hull and learn how to propel their creation with propulsion systems. They will complete challenges in Laketown with their classmates.

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Introduction to Rocketry

GRADE: 3-6

Build and launch air, water, and black powder model rockets this summer. Using a combination of computer models and practical tests camp participants will learn about aerodynamics, calculating the altitude of an airborne rocket and assembling propulsion systems. Working in teams, they will design, build and launch their rockets in a friendly competition.

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