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Robots are helping to reveal a shift in kids’ social and learning psychologies with the overlap between learning and play. Education and learning are moving – at least in many children’s eyes – beyond acts of knowledge transmission toward acts of exploration and creation. Robots and other intelligent technologies can unleash the expansive capabilities in children, all while having fun.

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Although programming jobs are growing at double the pace of other jobs, computer programming is declining in our education system. This is a skill that can be taught as early as fifth grade, yet it’s not even offered in 90% of U.S. schools.   Coding is easier than you might think and more fun than you might think.  We show you fun and easy ways to get started with computer games and robotics.

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Trial and error is another extension of exploration and experimentation. We supply the basic instruction on how to use the design and maker tools.  Then we supply sample ideas as illustrations of what can be made.  We then point students at resources and provide them with resources that can answer their questions.  In this kind of environment, students are only limited by their imagination and patience to fulfill their vision.

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Not only is Minecraft immersive and 
creative, but it is an excellent platform for
 making almost any subject area more 
engaging.  But Minecraft, a blocky, retro, role-playing simulation that’s more Lego than svelte, hi-tech wizardry, isn’t just the game du jour. Kids would skip dinner to play it if parents allowed. Minecraft is role-playing and so much more.

Because Minecraft is not story-based, everything that happens requires a decision on the player’s part. How well-thought out those decisions are affects what happens next. This is great motivation for critical thinking and problem solving.

Students can learn design, electrical engineering, problem solving and programming through different applications of minecraft.  We are here to make the learning fun!

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LEGO brings abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that really engages students. And by making the subjects tangible, they foster collaboration and encourage self-guided learning by creating enthusiasm and giving students the tools they need to overcome challenges. Today’s  students are tomorrow’s creative problem-solvers. Our  LEGO® camps help make abstract STEM concepts real by taking the ideas of the textbooks and putting it into the hands of  students.

Our rocketry classes let students build and launch air, water, and black powder model rockets.. Using a combination of computer models and practical tests camp participants will learn about forces, aerodynamics, propellants altitude of an airborne rocket and assembling propulsion systems. Working in teams, they will design, build and launch their rockets in a friendly competition.

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The game of chess – a strategic game, teaches planning and accounting of various possibilities for oneself and contender, correct reasoning and logic, military strategy and tactics, disciplines the mind, enhances concentration of attention, strengthens intellectual and volitional abilities. It is entertainment which shows that much in the world depends not on chances or destiny, but on understanding and self-betterment. We will teach you how to play the game or learn how to take your play to the next level.

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